High-Speed Industrial Doors

High-Speed Industrial Alloy Doors Designed & Manufactured In-House.

HASD High-Speed Aluminum Alloy Door is a new metal industrial door with fast, energy saving, sealed, efficient, wind-resistant, and environmentally characteristics. The HASD door’s operating speed can be up to six times faster than regular Over-Head Doors. The HASD has high reliability and practicality, higher work efficiency and safety.

high-speed industrial doors

The HASD Door applies the Double Spiral Turbine structure, and the spiral turbine track accelerates the door while it is moving. This structure makes the door more stable, secure, and reduces the noise while be operated at a high speed.

industrial doorsHigh-Speed Industrial Doors

We offer both the High-Speed Roll Up Door and High-Speed Aluminum Spiral Door with three options of spiral track solutions for different head rooms. Compared to traditional overhead doors, the HASD door saves space and is easier to perform maintenance on.

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