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  • KingGates COUPER
KingGates COUPER

KingGates COUPER

  • Brand: KingGates
  • Motor supplu:24V DC
  • Speed:0.018m/s
  • Force Max:1500N
  • Description: Couper is the ideal KINGgates automation to automate swing-gate leaves of up to 2 m and 400 kg.​
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The die-cast aluminium shells are designed for top performance in any environmental condition.

Electrical connection involves just two wires and access to the terminal is facilitated by its position on the top of the gear motor.
The adjustable mechanical stops make adjusting travel quick and easy.

Programming with self-learning, dip-switch settable functions and obstacle detection technology are just some of the STARG8 24 box control unit functions, simplifying the installer’s work and guaranteeing exceptional safety and durability.

Couper 24 is also available in kit version.

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