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  • KingGates DYNAMOS24/400
KingGates DYNAMOS24/400

KingGates DYNAMOS24/400

  • Brand:KingGates
  • Motor supply:24V DC
  • Speed:0.34m/sec
  • Force Max:400N
  • Description: DC sliding gate operator with maximum gate weight 400 kg.
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Automations for sliding gates up to 1000 kg in the same series DYN24/1000.

Top quality tough mechanical products generate safe, high performance automations with silent movement. Particular painting and UVA resistant treatments give Dynamos long lasting resistance to all atmospheric agents.

The built-in control units incorporated in the Dynamos automationradically simplify the installer’s work and guarantee top performance.

Tough release handle to open the gate by hand, spare fuses and removable memory card are just some of the functions offered by Dynamos, a reliable and innovative product.

Dynamos is also available in kit version.

Dynamos Twin is the kit solution to automate two-leaf sliding gates.

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