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  • KingGates JETXL
KingGates JETXL

KingGates JETXL

  • Brand:KingGates
  • Motor supply:24VDC
  • Speed:0.016m/s
  • Force Max:2000N
  • Description: Automation for swing gates with leaves up to 6 m - 750 kg
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Strong and reliable

Jet XL in 24 Vdc version: the motor for swing gates that complete the range par excellence.

Die-cast alluminium structure, steel and bronze mechanical parts and the easy installation thanks to new solutions adopted allow to use Jet XL with heavy leaves.

The rear fastening system with tilting forks is a simple solution that helps alignment, compensating errors up to +/- 5 °.

The mechanical limit switch adjustment during opening and closing procedures is done from above, by removing the shell that covers the endless screw.
The operation is effortless because everything is close at hand and well visible, allowing a quick adjustment.

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